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  • The latest developments in business travel management? 
  • A continuous source of innovation? 
  • Up-to-date information and industry knowledge? 
  • Inspiration and new perspectives for your travel program? 
  • Expansion of your network with like-minded professionals and experts?
  • A way to take your travel management experience to the next level? 
  •  A supportive community for your personal development?

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Connect Membership is an introductory membership for those unfamiliar with NATM. Becoming a Connect Member offers limited access to our services, including receiving our bi-monthly newsletter.

If you want to actively engage and be a part of our association, attending our educational events or accessing multiple resources, we recommend upgrading to Direct Membership.


€ 295 excl. VAT

Direct Membership is for companies or organizations acting as buyers/travel managers/travel managers of business travel services. Purchasers of business travel services for the companies' corporate travelers, those managing travel policies for their company, or those planning and/or managing meetings for their company.  

From experience, we know that this expertise is often placed within various departments.


€ 1.495 excl. VAT

Allied Membership is professionals working in sales, marketing, and/or account management within organizations offering travel services, such as airlines, hotels, trains, car rental, taxis, legal services, travel management companies, meeting venues, travel technology providers, and so on.


€ 580 excl. VAT

Consultancy Membership is designed for independent travel consultants working as hired travel managers or account managers for one or more clients.

Your NATM Membership includes a complimentary membership to the international networks GBTA and BT4Europe.

The Netherlands Association for Travel Management has sister associations across the Nordic countries, Europe and the rest of the world, and takes an active part in international cooperation.

For questions about the NATM Membership please contact 

Travel advisory

A travel advisory is a useful tool for the business traveler's foreign trip preparation. It provides insights into security risks, potential COVID-19 entry requirements, traffic safety, required travel documents and visas, local laws and regulations, and emergency procedures. However, it serves only as a guideline and should be supplemented with personal research and common sense while traveling. This information is available on the website of the Dutch government. Click the link Home | NetherlandsWorldwide to be redirected to the website.

Advise your travelers to install the Dutch Government Travel App on their mobile phones.

NATM: where business travel management is a profession and networking a skill
Corporate travel management is an exciting and dynamic profession that can be learned on the job. In large multinational companies, significant budgets are allocated to business travel, making it a crucial aspect of the industry. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to meet with peers at NATM to discuss the challenges, successes, and problems of travel management. As a long-time member, I can attest to the valuable knowledge gained from attending meetings and workshops. NATM also provides an extensive network of industry contacts that have proven to be invaluable in my day-to-day work. Thanks to the experience gained through NATM, I have been able to excel in my field with confidence and expertise.
Sacha Gerritsen

Corporate Travel & Fleet Manager


Collaboration and Trust:

The Heart of Our NATM Membership at Dyami

Membership in NATM involves so much more than just having a professional network! It means being part of a family where members can rely on and learn from each other. NATM provides an excellent platform to collaborate with leading parties from both the private and public sectors, empowering us to take the Dutch travel industry to the next level. Joining NATM is a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and make a real difference in the industry! Membership of NATM will undoubtedly contribute to Dyami's essential role in ensuring the safety of travel management.

Eric Schouten

CEO & Founder 

 Dyami security services 

NATM: My compass in the travel industry and the key to a strong business travel network
As a travel manager within any company, trying to manage the large and complex travel industry supply chain can be a challenge. De travel manager role itself often is a true specialist and sits outside of the company’s core process. This is the reason why it is important to have a platform to discuss with both travel buyer peers, as well as commercial/suppliers members. It allows us to keep each other “up to date” in this ever evolving world. On top of that, NATM is our connection towards both educational institutions, the global business travel network (GBTA) and local and European policy makers in the business travel field (BT4Europe).  This is why, when I started as a travel manager, one of the first things I did is enrol in an NATM membership.
JDE Peet's
Stefan van Sliedregt

Global Travel & Expense Program Leader

JDE Peet's


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If your interested in connecting with peers, staying updated on the latest developments, discovering continuous innovation, gaining up-to-date industry knowledge, and finding inspiration for your travel program, then NATM is the right choice for you.

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    As a member of NATM, you can count on the right support to unlock the full potential of your travel program. We provide you with the latest information on new developments, regulations, legislation, and industry trends through our online and offline channels.

    Be Inspired!

    Our industry is evolving rapidly. Following trends is one thing, applying them in your daily activities is another. We actively share practical tips and tricks, ensuring travel professionals based in the Netherlands or working for a Dutch-based company can stay ahead in terms of knowledge.

    Meet Your Peers

    Nearly 200 Dutch business travel professionals, with corporate and/or supplier backgrounds, are currently members of NATM. 200 peers eager to share their stories, experiences, and solutions with you. They gather 5-6 times a year during our networking or educational events

    Our Inclusivity; 50/50 Ratio

    Networking is essential for our association, so NATM encourages all its members to invite industry peers, colleagues, and clients to join our community. We provide all members the opportunity to experience the NATM community while maintaining a 50/50 ratio.


    Fostering Inclusivity: Maintaining Membership Harmony

    It's simple: the supplier members should never surpass 50% of the total NATM membership. New supplier members are also required to introduce at least one new (corporate) travel manager to join our association. This ensures a balanced and inclusive membership for our community.

    Enjoy networking!

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