Uber for Business is a powerful global platform for businesses of all sizes to manage Uber's most popular products, including rides with Uber (which already has 36 billion accumulative rides) and food delivery with Uber Eats (which has more than 870,000 merchant partners globally). Over 170,000 companies worldwide trust our customizable solutions, available in 10,000 cities worldwide and trusted by half of the Fortune 500.

We benefit businesses:

With transparency: Visibility to let you monitor usage and spend.

Increasing control: Ability to set and enforce policies.

Enhancing the service: 24/7 business support.

Focusing on sustainability: Control and reduce your carbon footprint.

We benefit employees:

Less time for onboarding: 124M active users.

Easy expensing: Save time and stay compliant.

Continuous support: Safety and comfort for employees.

More information:

Contact: Kim Ruiter, Head of Uber for Business | Country Manager | Northern & Eastern Europe

Mobile: +31(0)683506422

Email: kruiter@uber.com