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We are the Netherlands Association for Travel Management (NATM), the leading network for travel managers, business travel buyers, and suppliers. Our goal is to support, connect, and inspire you to excel in your role.


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The NATM hosts 5 knowledge events, the BCTSymposium, and one social event annually. In response to evolving needs, the program is flexibly extended with workshops and webinars.

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  • Network of Experts:
    Join our exclusive network of seasoned professionals. Learn from others, share your expertise, and expand your connections.
  • Latest Perspective:
    Gain direct access to the latest trends, data, and analyses in the business travel world. Stay informed and benefit from valuable insights.
  • Interactieve Evenementen:                                                                        
  • Participate in webinars, workshops, and discussions tailored to your field. Be inspired by experts and share your experiences.
  • Growth and Personal Development:
    Invest in yourself with training, workshops, and courses. Take steps in your career.
  • Inspiration and Ideas:
    Discover the latest trends and innovations in business travel management. Be inspired by success stories.
  • Facts, Documents & Templates:
    Find useful tools on our website, from templates to checklists.

Join NATM and enhance your professional growth, network, and expertise. Share insights, learn from others, and improve your travel program. Benefit from educational opportunities and increase your influence within your organization. Become a member and be part of our active community of professionals.

Travel advisory

A travel advisory is a useful tool for the business traveler's foreign trip preparation. It provides insights into security risks, potential COVID-19 entry requirements, traffic safety, required travel documents and visas, local laws and regulations, and emergency procedures. However, it serves only as a guideline and should be supplemented with personal research and common sense while traveling. This information is available on the website of the Dutch government. Click the link Home | NetherlandsWorldwide to be redirected to the website.

Advise your travelers to install the Dutch Government Travel App on their mobile phones.

Connect, Innovate, Excel:

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Unlocking Travel Excellence: Navigate Your Journey with NATM!

The NATM offers an exceptional opportunity for professionals from diverse business disciplines who share a common goal of enhancing corporate travel management and exchanging knowledge and experiences within this sector.  We warmly invite you to join us and become a part of this journey!

Travel Managers: 

Professionals responsible for managing business travel within an organization. They focus on developing and implementing travel policies, controlling costs and ensuring a smooth travel experience for employees.

Corporate Travel Buyers:

Professionals responsible for selecting and procuring travel services and products for their organization. They work to secure the best deals and optimize the travel program.

Facility Managers:

Professionals managing facilities and services within organizations, including travel facilities and services.


Advisors and consultants offering expertise in travel policy, cost control, travel optimisation and strategic travel management.

Procurement|Sourcing Professionals:

Purchasing managers and professionals responsible for procuring a wide range of products and services, including business travel, to enhance operational efficiency and cost savings.


Young professionals in the early stages of their careers, seeking knowledge and expertise in both business and leisure travel, have yet to decide which specific direction to take within this diverse sector.

Vendors and Service Providers:

Providers of travel services, technology solutions, consultancy and other services aimed at supporting business travel management.

Educational institutions:

Academic institutions and training organisations focusing on educating and training professionals in business travel management.

NATM: where business travel management is a profession and networking a skill
Corporate travel management is an exciting and dynamic profession that can be learned on the job. In large multinational companies, significant budgets are allocated to business travel, making it a crucial aspect of the industry. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to meet with peers at NATM to discuss the challenges, successes, and problems of travel management. As a long-time member, I can attest to the valuable knowledge gained from attending meetings and workshops. NATM also provides an extensive network of industry contacts that have proven to be invaluable in my day-to-day work. Thanks to the experience gained through NATM, I have been able to excel in my field with confidence and expertise.
Sacha Gerritsen

Corporate Travel & Fleet Manager


Collaboration and Trust:

The Heart of Our NATM Membership at Dyami

Membership in NATM involves so much more than just having a professional network! It means being part of a family where members can rely on and learn from each other. NATM provides an excellent platform to collaborate with leading parties from both the private and public sectors, empowering us to take the Dutch travel industry to the next level. Joining NATM is a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and make a real difference in the industry! Membership of NATM will undoubtedly contribute to Dyami's essential role in ensuring the safety of travel management.

Eric Schouten

CEO & Founder 

 Dyami security services 

NATM: Your guide in the travel industry and the key to a robust business travel network
As a Travel Manager within a large organization, mastering the complex travel industry is an art. The role itself is often a specialized function outside the core processes of the company. It is therefore crucial to engage in discussions with both fellow travel buyers/managers and industry suppliers to keep each other constantly updated. Additionally, NATM excels in connecting with educational institutions, global networks (GBTA), and serves as a voice to local and European policymakers (BT4Europe) in the field of business travel. When I started as a Travel Manager, one of my initial decisions was to become a member of NATM.
JDE Peet's
Stefan van Sliedregt

Global Travel & Expense Manager

JDE Peet's

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