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Passenger Rights in Multimodal Journeys - European Commission’s Proposed Regulation Opens Dialogue for Change

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In Focus: Passenger Rights in Multimodal Journeys - European Commission’s Proposed Regulation Opens Dialogue for Change 

Brussels 14th February 2024 - The European Commission is currently spearheading efforts to develop a comprehensive regulation on passenger rights within the realm of multimodal journeys, defined as travel involving more than one form of transportation, such as a combination of train and air travel.

Interested parties have until March 14, 2024, to provide valuable insights and recommend changes to the proposed regulation.

Amidst this regulatory development, BT4Europe has actively participated in the consultation process by submitting its response, emphasizing its unwavering support for multimodal travel. The company recognizes the inherent benefits of combining various modes of transportation, particularly in the context of business trips, where air and rail travel seamlessly coalesce.

Addressing Crucial Details for Effective Regulation 

BT4Europe has identified key areas in the proposed regulation where refinements are necessary to ensure a harmonized and effective framework for passenger rights in multimodal travel:

1. Reimbursement Methodology: BT4Europe proposes that reimbursements, necessitated by disruptions or cancellations, should be facilitated through the original payment method used for ticket purchase. In the case of corporate-funded travel, reimbursements should be directed back to the sponsoring corporation.

2. Harmonization of Reimbursement Rules: Recognizing the existing disparities in reimbursement rules among different modes of transportation, BT4Europe advocates for cohesive regulations, especially for multimodal journeys, to ensure consistency and fairness across the industry.

3. Inclusion in Terms and Conditions: BT4Europe urges that providers of travel services and intermediaries, such as booking engines, should not be permitted to exclude complaint handling and reimbursements for multimodal tickets in their terms and conditions. Inclusivity is key to ensuring a fair and transparent system for passengers.

4. Timely Reimbursement Deadline: BT4Europe expresses its appreciation for the proposed 14-day reimbursement deadline outlined in the European Commission’s proposal. BT4Europe emphasizes the importance of this requirement, considering it a critical element in streamlining the passenger rights process.

Shaping the Future of Multimodal Travel 

Patrick Diemer, Chair of BT4E said: ”BT4Europe is committed to actively contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding passenger rights in multimodal journeys. By voicing opinions and recommending practical changes, BT4 Europe aims to facilitate the growth of multimodal travel while ensuring a fair and transparent regulatory framework.

Patrick concluded “As the consultation period continues until March 14, 2024, interested parties are encouraged to participate and help shape the future of passenger rights in the evolving landscape of multimodal travel.”

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